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About US

Traditions and modern technologies

Take Organic is a family business, founded in the 19th century in Siberia and re-established in 1997. The owners are ancestral Siberians who have first-hand knowledge of well-kept secrets of the local Siberian cuisine and natural gifts of taiga.

Our factory is located in Siberia in Ulan-Ude city. On the territory of the Russian Federation our company operates under the name AIU Group. Take Organic was resisted in Europe in 2012 to deliver natural pine nut products to European and American eco food shops, restaurants and food producing companies. Among our partners, distributors HoReCa, restaurants and cafes, online shopping, major retail chains of the country, food manufacturers, health food stores and confectioners.

Our products are certified according to the organic food standards of Eco Control. We are in charge of all the stages– from harvesting the plant source in the forests of Siberia, transportation, production and packaging, to storage and delivery to customers. That gives us an unique opportunity to control and ensure the products’ exceptional quality.

Take Organic is a regular participant of organic food fairs, such as BioFach in Hamburg, SIAL in Paris and Green Week in Berlin.

History of the company

History of our family business started in the 19th century in Siberia. The company was founded by the Malygin family in the small Siberian town Novoselenginsk. Since the 19th century, the our main business is harvesting and trading pine nuts and other products of the Siberian nature.

The Russian revolution interrupted our business. Than in 1930s private farms and enterprises were reestablished into collective farms. The main victims of collectivisation in Siberia were well-off families living there for a long time. The great-grandfather of Tatiana Melnik, one of the current Take Organic owners, was imprisoned by the Stalin’s regime in 1935 for 18 years.

Only after perestroika, we were able to re-establish the company. We decided to go back to our roots – harvesting and distributing high quality pine nuts, wild grown in Siberian forests around Lake Baikal.

Our company is a socially responsible employer. We create working places for people living in the Lake Baikal area and provide fair pay for their work. We received the Best Family Business in Russia award in the category Health & Food in 2012.

The mission of Take Organic is delivering high quality pine nut products that can be used in healthy meals. We prepare pine nuts according to the old Siberian traditions, in order to preserve their unique and delicate taste, and to keep minerals, amino acids and vitamins in the nuts.