Pine nuts vegetarian milk

Pine Nuts (Pine Kernel) Milk — is totally divine simple recipe. Why consume so much low quality dairy milk, when this fresh clean food option is so easy to make and so delicious? Make this for your next breakfast: pine nuts are packed with energy and rich in protein.


  • 100 gram of pine nuts/150 gram pine nuts pressed cake/150 gram pine kernel powder
  • 500 ml spring water
  • pinch of salt
  • to make it sweet ad 2 tbls of raw honey or 4 soft dates

Preparation method:

It’s unnecessary to soak pine nuts overnight, it’s very easy to blend them even with the most basic blender.

  • In the blender add the pine nuts with water — just enough to cover the blades
  • Blend till you get a smooth, silky cream
  • Add dates or any other sweetener and blend again
  • Finally, mix it with the rest of the water.